Convert Raw in revit to Column through excel?

Hi, I have sorting and grouping by area which is by default in revit by Raw as there is blank line will be created, I want to export it to excel and bring it back to revit to be column in the table that will be put inside revit sheet , any way around that will make me reverse the raw to column inside revit table in the sheet because i care only about the table in the sheet , how that can be achieved ?

impossible no one know :frowning:

I actually tried to respond to this three times, but couldn’t understand what the issue was. This is likely because of the nine things listed on the ‘how to get help’ page I you missed on all 5 of the first items.

So after attempting to understand what you want, failing, and giving up as someone else may have had a better understanding, I moved on to things I could help with. By the looks of it 35 other people did too.

Please help us help you by clarifying the problem rather than complaining about a lack of help. Many people here from all over the world spend our free time providing this help, but we aren’t paid tech support with remote access to your system and a 1800 number so we can ask If you tried restarting it, nor are we one of your coworkers with an understanding of your project types and workflows, and we certainly aren’t internet psychics.

Give us a little and we generally give back 10 fold.

If you clarify your question today I promise I will try and help you out as best I can.