Group equal raws of Revit Schedule

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to group equal raws of Revit schedule with Dynamo. I’ve a schedule with 36 columns and it’s impossibile to group from Revit.
I can select individual rows although they are repeated but I can’t group them to see how many identical rows there are.

How should I work?


If it can’t be done in Revit the likely hood that Dynamo can do it is not likely. I think your best option would be to extract this to Excel or Google Sheets and do the comparison there. Just my initial thoughts.

In Revit I can’t make it because there aren’t enought grouping orders. In dynamo I read every raw of schedule like image that I attached. How can I group them?


One workaround is to create multiple schedules and use filters to group them that way.

Like Tom said, you can’t use Dynamo to force Revit to do something it can’t do natively, like add more grouping options.

I don’t want to add grouping options, I want to group the list dynamo posted previously. I think that sholud be possibile.