Convert NurbSurface to surface input in Wall.ByFace

I am trying to setup a workflow between GH and DY/RVT where I what to place RVT Walls with the Wall.ByFace node. It seems the node do not like nurbsSurfaces. If so how can I convert nurbs to something useful? Or is because the Wall.ByFace only like faces from Revit? I read that in a old post from 2015 where Wall.ByFace was build by Andreas Dieckmann/Clockwork.

try lacing, set it to longest on the wall by face node, right click it, lacing, longest

Just tried. Still no wall created :frowning:


are you experimenting on this in the family environment or the project environment
I don’t see any faces in the preview btw…or they are very short (low)

It is in the project environment. And I can see the Surface in Dynamo.
I have also tried place walls by curve and that works fine. That is what you see ind the background. And that node needs more input that I maybe do not have from Rhino/Grasshopper.

it’s just me, but i would try creating a new conceptual mass, import the geometry, place it in the model, use wall by face from there.
that way you can update your conceptual mass and update the wall

It is a possible method, but I am searching for a more integrated and automated workflow between Rvt/DY and Rhino/GH.

I don’t believe you can make a Revit Wall By Fave without a Revit Face (not a Dynamo surface). As such you may need to develop a workflow along the lines of this:

  • Read Rhino surfaces.

  • Create conceptual mass family from Rhino surfaces.

  • Get Revit faces from the new mass family.

  • Create walls by faces.

Cant say I’ve tried it myself and it may be a dead end, but that would resolve your issue, and a revision to that mass family would also update the new wall element, instead of creating a ‘redo from scratch each time you run’ situation where you would lose overrides, annotations, and constraints.