Convert DesignScript Point to Revit Point

Hi there,

I’m trying to place a group instance at a specific point using the ‘Group.PlaceGroupInstance’ node from the DynamoMEP package and/or the the ‘Tool.PlaceGroupAtPoint’ node from the SteamNodes package as shown below.

I’m getting an error message stating:

Warning: Group.PlaceGroupInstance expects argument type(s) (Point, GroupType), but was called with (Autodesk.DesignScript.Geometry.Point[], Revit.Elements.Element).

The FamilyInstance.Location is spitting out a point that is of type Autodesk.DesignScript.Geometry.Point but both the group placement nodes require a ‘Point’ - not a Design Script point.

I’ve spend a bit of time googling how to convert points but i’m not finding anything related to my query which makes me think i’m searching for the wrong thing.

Am I correct in thinking the point needs to be converted? And if so what is the correct phrase or topic i should be googling to resolve this? I’m sure there must be a similar post to mine somewhere…

Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated!


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Thanks @jshial

Appreciate the link!

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I guess Group.PlaceGroupInstance might just take a single point as its input while FamilyInstance.Location is feeding a Point List to it. (Even the list just contains one point, it’s still a List.) Also, pin the output of nodes before taking the screenshot is a good idea…

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Ahhh makes sense! From the reading I’ve done it looks like this will require some python. I’ve never really attempted it before but seems like it’s probably very basic. Good for a novice!

Thanks for the advice.