Dynamo converting points to trees

Hi everyone,

I would like to ask a question. I have been busy for a long time in dynamo to convert points to a family (trees) in revit, but unfortunately I get two errors. can someone help me please? I am a new user of Dynamo. I spent a lot of hours on it, but I can not get it done.

The error I get is with the FamilyInstance.ByPoint: Warning: FamilyInstance.ByPoint operation failed. Value can not be null. Parameter name: point

The second error I get is at Element.SetParameterByName:
warning: internal error, please report: dereferencing a non-pointer

It’s about the following. I have converted from a DWG with the option dataextraction trees to a csv file. I want to convert thesdynamo_revit.rvt (1.6 MB)
e trees into a family in revit. I have installed the landform package. Below are the files that I use.

I will also take a screenshot of the situation in Dynamo

Thanks in advance. I hope someone can help me. I have also added a screenshot of the script that I attempt to make

dynamo_script.dyn (14.7 KB)

go put a watch node before the errors and trace from there. But i believe is that you have null values which causes this error

I placed the watch node in different places for the errors, but unfortunately that did not lead to the error.