Convert CAD line work to revit

Is there a Dynamo graph that will convert CAD line work to revit.
I have a bunch of cad details I need to convert to revit and it is taking me a while.
Might save a ton of time if we used dynamo instead.

Have a look on BIMORPH Package …

You can use the following macro. Just open the Revit project shared below in the same instance as your project. Next step, from inside your project, go to manage → macro manager → second tab (DWG to RVT).
You have 2 options when hitting the + sign:

  • quick convert -all layers are converted to single line style;
  • Convert DWG to RVT - specify revit line style for each DWG layer.

Run the needed one, select the line type, the DWG and then map the line style. If you have multiple files, its a good idea to save your configuration to load it next time. Hit "ok" and youre good to go.

DWG to RVT Lines_v1.1_2018.rvt (3.4 MB)

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