Line form dwg to pipe in revit


I would like to ask if there is a possibility to convert line from AutoCAD to pipe in Revit with dynamo?

Line from AutoCAD is a axis of pipe with coordinates [x, y, z].

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Skoupil Jakub

To answer your question - It is possible.

  1. You need to get lines from AC to Revit:
    1a. You can link DWG and try get geometry of Link in Dynamo
    1b. You can try export data using DATAEXTRACTION
    1c. You try read data directly from Autocad using Interop.
  2. Having lines in Revit it should be easy to create families based on them.

Hi Tomasz,

thank you for the reply, i have a question if i can find solution in this article:

I have never done anything in the dynamo so i need some pattern.

try doing something simpler in dynamo first and work your way to importing cad data.
even if you were to get a script laying out the concept. its best to know the process incase of updates.