Controlling Floor Points in Excel with Dynamo

Hi guys!

I am very new to Dynamo. I found a Video on YouTube, which explains what actually I would like to do but he did not post the file. How can I have the same script? I appreciate your help! Thanks a ton!

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Here is a screenshot for the required script :
-upper part to extract excel sheet contains xyz points of floor borders.
-Lower part to import the excel after doing the modification of points “changing x,y,z values” and selection of the required floor type to create it.

Hope it Helps.

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Hello Ahmad,

thank you very much for the reply. Can you please post the file? I can’t find the "Data.ExportExcel in Dynamo. Which library should I install?

You don’t need to install any package just right click and type export in search window like below shot.

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Thanks a lot! I try it now. You might Change the Name of it. I will post if I achieve :slight_smile:

Hello Ahmad,

i tried it out but I think I did something wrong. Some coordinates are not there and some are false.
It is really difficult to see in Picture from Code Block arrows are going.

Hi Deniz,

First, you should run the upper part first while you freeze the lower one to get coordinates.

Second, you should freeze the upper part to run the lower part to create the new floor with the required modifications.

Finally, you have to delete the old floor form the model.

Try the upper procedures then If you don’t mind you may upload sample from your Revit model to check.

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I found the error. I had to delete the contain of first file. I created the file again but this time it Fails on importing

How can I freeze the upper side?

Hi Deniz,

You might Follow the Procedures I mentioned before with the below freeze process.

1- To freeze the lower part do the same with file path node.
2-To freeze the upper part … Right click on “select model element” and choose freeze.

Also you might save as the exported excel and do your modifications the import it in step two.
I Hope you find it helps.

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I started the rows from 1, may be that it takes X, Y and Z letters from file?

Cubes.xls (10.4 KB)

One more Thing: We use Project Base Coordinates. X and Y are not UCS World. They had to had N/S and E/W. How can I Switch that?

You might have to do like following shot if you need to add names to head of columns in excel.

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Yeah you are right!! It works! Now I should Switch to World X and Y Coordinates. Is that possible?

You might try something like below .

Thank you for your efforts Ahmad, but I can’t see the whole context. I am beginner :slight_smile: Could you please upload the file or Show the whole window?

This is the part related to changing coordinate system for points only one thing not clear the geometry input in the last node …. geometry here is the points of floor as below .

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I did it but it takes only the first value from Code Block "E/W…)

Soo there are Errors after it.

Hello Ahmed,
I did the same script that you shared, it creates the floor outline (import from excel) but didn’t create the floor as shown below, it the last step needed

What is the error said in the last node?

Hi Ingerierahmad, I am also trying your script, Thanks.
I got this error previously I got an error about profile.
I don’t know if it is the same.