Controlling Floor Points in Excel with Dynamo

Hi ingenieroahmad,
Does this script only works if the floor is flat?
I managed to model a floor but all the points must have the same Z value. When you put slopes between points the outline of the floor is model in Revit but there is a error about the vectors and no floor is model. As my reply above

Yes the last node create floors only if the boundary lines in the same level.


You have to create first the floor with same Z (for example every point Z=0) values and then select that floor and with SlabPoints adjust its Z points.

Hi Deniz,
when I put the z value =1 for all the points, it’s work but when I make them variable, the new floor desperate

Which node should I used to modify the levels in the floor?

After that use that node. Connect floor and that points with real Z values.

Hello Deniz,
as shown below, it creates new point but still doesn’t create the floor.

I think the floor must be modelled to modify it’s points. not to pick up a new floor type like you do below .



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yes, know it’s work,

thank you

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Thanks it work perfectly.

Thanks for the help

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