Controlling Elevation Clip Planes

Hi all,

I really appreciate this amazing community and am reaching out to see if I can get some insight in troubleshooting an issue I am having with elevation creation.

I have constructed a graph that copies a series of four elevations (North,South,East,West) at a user defined interval along the Y axis. The graph also takes a scope box and duplicates it an equivalent amount and interval. The scope box then needs to be assigned to the newly created elevation views.

Everything works except as I copy the elevation views, the elevation clip planes remain in place at the original views’ locations. This prevents the scope boxes from being assigned to the views because scope boxes must remain in front or within the extents of the elevation view it is assigned.

Scope Box Limitation

Here is an image of the graph as currently constructed:

Does anyone know how I can move these clip planes in conjunction with the copied elevation? Element.Parameters did not reveal an immediate obvious answer to me, but I could be querying the wrong element.

Thanks for reading through!


Okay, I figured it out thanks to this thread by simoneavellini and the eternal wisdom of Aaron Maller/John Pierson.

Basically I needed to call the element ID of the view and subtract 1 to capture the element id of the crop region element, then apply that to an element.movebyvector node:

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