Can you run a dynamo script on multiple Revit models?

Hi everyone, this is my first post on this forum :slight_smile:

i am wondering if its possible to create a dynamo script that will open multiple revit models, perform an action and the close it again.?

For an example if i would like to make dynamo open 10 models and extract the gross area to an excel file.

I am aware of programs like revit batch processor, but i would this to work only with dynamo.

i am green when it comes to dynamo, so this is just an idea that i would like to go further with, if its possible.

Hi @zodi …Welcome to the dynamo forum…I had tried many solutions…(BG open and close)…I think the best and most steady is Birdtool, but there are many other ways and Orkestra oc…:wink:

Yes there are ways to do this.

Most graphs (and nodes) are written to run on the active Revit document. This means that you need to write your graph to open external documents in the background and either find nodes that run on a specified document or write custom python code to do the same.