Connecting Cable Trays Via Cross

Hi All,

I while back I posted this: Connecting Pipes via Fittings

I have managed to create cross-connections for both Pipes and Ducts. however, this doesn’t work for cable trays for some reason.

The method I’m using to connect the systems up is in the thread linked, My experience with python is limited however I couldn’t see why this would work for Pipes and ducts but not cable trays.

This is the link to the API that the current method uses:

Any help would be appreciated



Hi Joe,

I don’t know why the code in that post does not work, so I tried a different approach with some of the new ‘Connector’ nodes from MEPover and that works for me: CableTray create crossfitting.dyn (15.7 KB)

Also you need to supply the connections in a specific order for the creation of the fitting to work. Check out this post on the Builing Coder:


Awesome thanks, its weird how they need to be in a certain order; but I managed to get it working! Cheers