Cable Tray fitting using MEPFitting.ByPointsAndCurve

Hi Guys,

Does anyone have experience using the MEPFitting.ByPointsAndCurve node from the MEPover package? I can manage to get the fitting created, but i can’t get the fitting to connect to my cable tray. Anyone with the same issue?

Thank you!

Hi @Claus_Andersen

ListOfPoints needs atleast 2 points currently you’re feeding 1. Refer this post:

Hi @Kulkul

Thank you for your response, however, it does’nt seem to be the problem. More points only results in more fittings along the same MEP curve.

However, I guess I found a solution; I realised that there was some issues with the python code and my families. The 3 lines highlighted in the picture below wasn’t compatible with my family.
Another issue was the insertion point, where i had to adjust it according to the Reference Level.


@Claus_Andersen Hello Claus,

Could you please show the changes for the python script you made,I believe I have the very much same problem as you did.
I tried to create a coupling in midlle of a pipe and python script sends the error pointing to line 150 and line 223 (((

Have a great day and I hope you will see this message.