Connect Structural Framing Analytical Beams To Columns Or Similar

Hi All,

I have a basic knowledge of Dynamo.

Would be hugely grateful if anyone could help.

I am trying to figure out a quick way to join the analytical beams at the crossing intersections to analytical columns.

The idea is analyse the structure.

Thanks v much.


Hi All,

Following on from my last post I thought it might be helpful to post an image of the problem.

I am trying to find a way to join the beams at the intersection with a column or similar.

The overall goal is to be able to analyse a series of beams (crossing as the below image shows) with a spine passing through them connecting the beams ready for analysis.

Dynamo Pic 01

Anyone up for a challenge. Not sure what I can offer in return? Am sure there must be something I can give. But unfortunately, I am basic with Dynamo at present.

I have been able to recreate some very basic scripts and change them in the past. That is all down to the people on this forum so thanks for all the help. I wouldnt want to embarrass myself by even trying this one.

So any help would be most appreciated!



Not sure I get what you are after, but I not a structural guy though so I may need education here.

Assuming this is the before, can you post the ‘after’ image as well? Then provide a sample rvt of the ‘before condition’ (maybe do a save as before you do the manual method), and post all here? If you are unable to upload Here use a 3rd party site like box, Dropbox, onedrive, google drive, and the like.

Hi Jacob,

Thanks for the reply.

Please see the below image.

Helicopter Beams

So the green nodes are showing the connected column component at the intersection of the beams. The beams are all offset in the z direction by around 50-100mm. I have only shown 2 beams to illustrate the issue. But in reality there will be many beams in various positions. However, this is the concept. They all will be crossing over each other and will need to be connected at the elevated intersections as shown in the image.

Hopefully this makes sense.

Please see attached the ,rvt also.

Thanks so much!


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Oops. Just realised I only uploaded the after .rvt. and not the before .rvt.

Basically the before .rvt is just the beams without the connecting column.

In reality there will be about 1000 or so beams and columns.

Thanks again and any help would be greatly appreciated!


Is that actually a column? Or is it just fudging the analytical model to have a analytical stick there?

If the latter then it would probably be better to use rigid links rather than columns.

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The beams will need a connection to run the analysis so it doesn’t really mater if it is a column or link etc…

The idea is to find a way to connect the beams at the intersections as an iterative process.

And you need these beams to be on a separate plane analytically? The reason I ask is a lot of people forget that you can model them in the same plane and adjust the “Z-Offset Value” parameter that just moves the solid geometry in the Z axis, but not the location/analytical lines.

This way you get a clean in-plane analytical model and have an accurate representation of the geometry too.


Hello Jon

I like @Daniel_Woodcock1 solution.
But if that is not what youre after then please show us youre dynamo graph.
What did you tried ?
A possible start:

(i used a bimorph node and a node from genius package)

The points in the last node are the top or bottom points for youre columns.
This example
will only work correctly if the beams are horizontaly.
In case off using Daniels solution:
A part off this graph can also be useful to move the beam and set the z offset value

Yeah they need to be on separate planes unfortunately so adjusting the Z-Offset wont do the trick this time.

There will be around 1000 beams all offset slightly in the z plane.

Hi Nico,

Thanks so much!!

That is awesome.

However, the points will need to be joined by a column as mentioned further up in the post.

There will be many of these beams stacked on top of each other in the z direction.

I have had a play around with the script you kindly posted but I am stuck.

If it takes too long then no worries. I will just have to manually put the columns in.

Thanks for your help!


show a picture off what you tried

Hi Nico,

Will do. I will have to do this tomorrow as am at work now and left the script at home.



So sorry for the late reply.

I managed to have a go in the week amongst deadlines at work etc… and then when I thought I was getting somewhere the brief changed and this is no longer needed. The new shape is very different and one that I feel I can deal with.

Next time I will post my efforts up first instead of just asking for help.

Thanks again!