Find unconnected beams

I am trying to find the beams that are not connected to columns or other beams. This Connection Status property is always showing Connected - Auto-detect. How do I find the offending beams?

I see here is a workflow to get the nodes of analytical beams. Just looking for a way forward.

One way to go about this not using analytical (as analytical model can be adjusted independently of the actual element) is to test if that endpoint is within a bounding box of a column/beam/wall etc, if so, then does the point lie on the line of a column/beam or in the plane of the wall. If for all elements that this endpoint is within the boundingbox but does not lie on the line/plane of any, then it is disconnected.


Seems like a lot of work to me only to be limited by too many geometric calculations.
The analytical model gives me a kickstart by quickly locating all analytical nodes.

It’s not too bad, especially in python as you can leverage the revit API that has quickfilters specifically for bounding box calculations like this - this is the method I use for testing and can churn through 20k beams in about 30 seconds or so (assuming linear members as you don’t need to calculate derivatives). Another option is a Ray casting approach and test if a Ray intersect and element at its end, again much faster in the revit api and python.

The analytical model IMO really isn’t a good solution for these checks as you are analysing a representation of a member which may or may not be the same as the actual member, but I suppose it depends on what you need it for, if you’re going down the AM route, then I would get all AM hubs (nodes) and then loop through the AM Sticks and see which hubs are only represented by one stick, this would tell you if your AM stick is connected to another hub.

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