Connect Pipes With the Series of Manhole

Hi there, I’ve created a script that instantiated manhole on a series of points that were generated on a property line. Now I’d like to instantiate a pipe and connect its open and close end with each next manhole in the series. Would appreciate if someone suggest how do I achieve this functionality with dynamo. Thank you in advance.

A link to your previous post and a screenshot of your current graph would be useful :slight_smile:


Hi @Yna_Db, thanks for the reminder. Just saw your reply on the post. Really appreciate your input. Cheers!

Nice, please send a screenshot of your updated graph so everybody can quickly see what you are talking about :slight_smile:

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Hi @Yna_Db I’ve just created a new thread for it. Because I think I should ask simple question first then figure out how to use this knowledge to solve the complex problem. Here is the link to the thread, would appreciate if you would like to share some thoughts on it. Thank you

Hello friends, so far, I’ve been able to solve one part of the problem (connect a pipe from point A to point B) I hope by following this solution I will be able to connect the pipe with all the manholes in the series. I hope someone could share their experience opinion on it. However, I’ll be working on its complete solution, if i find it, will share with the community. Appreciate the support, really enjoying working with Dynamo. Thnak you

I wonder if this tutorial could not help:

See also:

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@Yna_Db appreciate your input, will share my feedback later after I figure out how do I use this information to solve my problem.
Good Day. :slight_smile:

Hello friends, I finally able to solve this simple equation. The solution you can find in the below image. let me know if you have any question. Thank you community you are amazing

How did you created the Manholes in first place