Conflict with Rhino6 ghpython

I have upgraded to Rhino6 where its Grasshopper python component would only run if I uninstall the Ironpython on my computer. However, Dynamo python script seems to depend on it. Now I can’t run both. If i can do python in Rhino Grasshopper, my Dynamo python is dysfunctional.
Anyone run into this situation yet?

yes. I’m not sure if this is still the solution, but this seemed to work in our studio.

@Zach_Kron @Racel @Aparajit_Pratap

@visualizor what script are you trying to run which depends on this iron python folder existing.
A package?

when you install grasshopper/rhino6 - what version of ironPython is installed and what folder is it installed to?

The python node in dynamo depends on this ironpython. As soon as I drop the python node onto the dynamo canvas, dynamo crashes.

I’m not sure where it was. I uninstalled the ironpython that came with dynamo so I can run my ghPython in Rhino6

@visualizor what version of Dynamo / revit are you on?

Revit 2017.2 with Dynamo 1.3.2

thanks @visualizor can you also tell us what version of rhino/grasshopper you have (specific version) Beta? Wip? And how you updated?

My company upgraded their corporate license I suppose. It is the Rhino 6 market release. Version is 6.1.18037 and GH is 1.0.0004

for what it’s worth, in our office, the solution was to manually uninstall ironpython 2.7.3, (which I am 99% sure was installed with our revit deployment), and manually install ironpython 2.7.4. That was our solution back in september of 2017. (I would speculate that the issue was with 2.7.3 and prior versions, maybe anything above that is ok?)

To date, that solved it for us. We have not seen any further issues and are currently running Rhino 5 and 6, as well as Revit 2016/17/18 in our our production environment. We are successfully able to run dynamo python scripts as well as grasshopper python scripts without error.


@visualizor @chanley can you please test something for me.

can you reinstall ironPython 2.7.3 but install with GAC assemblies disabled?
like this?

right clicl on that option and disable, and let me know if Dynamo starts working and GH as well?

So I couldn’t find ironpython 2.7.3 installer. I installed 2.7.4 with GAC off. It didn’t work.

Not sure why it wouldn’t work for me.

hi @visualizor here is 2.7.3

also the stack trace would be useful as well from your crash above.

I am running Dynamo 1.3.2 with Revit 2018.2, with Ironpython 2.75 from the github archive, and my Dynamo “python with external script” components work. I am also running Rhino 6 with GH and its standard GHPython install - and my GH python components now work.

I had to de-install Ironpython which came with Revit 2018.2, and then starting with Ironpython 2.7.7, work backward until I found that 2.7.5 works with Dynamo 1.3.2 and also plays nicely with Rhino 6 GHPython.

I want to say spread the word, but if your mother says she loves you, check it out.

@anereim thanks for your experimentation - I will post that to the pinned post and wiki entry after we spend some time verifying. Theres also an update there on how to isolate the installs at the end of the thread.

please see the updates here and in the other thread. If you decide to install 2.7.4 or 2.7.5 you need to install with GAC enabled.

if you wish to use 2.7.3 in dynamo and 2.7.5 in GH then follow the thread, you’ll need to copy the ironPython dlls back to the dynamo install folder if you are using dynamo 1.x

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this is the pinned post I am referring to.