Conditional statement for Pipe Slope range

Tried specifying min and max values of pipe slopes to isolate. My issue is I have trouble when adding one more operator ?

Let me know how to solve it ?

You’re looking for slope thats >= 3 AND < 4?

Run both tests before filtering elements or combine them in a codeblock for a single test.

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Hi Nick_Boyts,

Thanks for your reply,

Used code block but getting only one element isolated,

Any suggestions ?

You don’t have an input for Slope. You still need to check the slope values against your conditional statement.

Isolate_Elements_Test-3.dyn (22.5 KB)

Should I try connecting the slope to the code block ?

Yes. It looks like you’ve filtered your elements already so you’ll want to use the slope value from those filtered elements only.

Can’t figure out whats wrong ?

Isolate_Elements_Test-3.dyn (18.1 KB)

From your last screenshot, it looks like you need to extract the parameter value for the slope of the filtered pipes, then feed that into your code block which is conditionally sorting them into booleans, to then use with the boolean filter.

Isolate_Elements_Test-3.dyn (20.2 KB)

I’m an AmateurUploading… let me know if you can do something with the script.

Thanks in advance

You’re almost there. You used the slope value in your test codeblock which is correct, but you want to use your FilterByBoolMask on the elements, not their parameters. Right now you’re trying to isolate the values not the actual elements. Use the out list from your first Filter and use it as the list input for your second FilterByBoolMask.

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Hi Nick,

I got it. Its seem to be bit odd, I now can see all the pipes with slopes getting isolated.

Check dyn file for more information.
Isolate_Elements_Test-3.dyn (22.1 KB)

Finally Solved!

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Is Vertical - Parameter for filtering pipes from clashes in navisworks with floors