Compare Tekla IFC Model with Revit Model to find out the Non-Overlapping Elements

Hello everyone,

We need to compare two distinct models which consist of the same structural steel beams and columns in Tekla IFC and Revit model. The logic behind this process seems similar with Navisworks-Clash detections procedure. However, it is slightly different. What we are tying to do is to analyse non-overlapping elements such as structural steel beams because our Tekla IFC model and Revit model should be the same. If there is a non-overlapping points, the code should show immediately. I’ve proceeded with mesh generation and identifying their coordinates. In addition to this algorithm, I had tried the line method to analyse the start and the end points before I tried the mesh method, but it had not worked with the linked model because “Clockwork-Element.Location+” gave an error while I was trying to find out the coordinates of linked model elements.

The problem is that the code is giving the correct points, but it shows the points in the wrong position in the existing Revit model. Either the problem is stemmed from my algorithm or it is caused by the Revit 2019. Some people, who I talked for this issue, mentioned that they also face this same problem regarding the linked model coordinates.

Here is the result of the code. I was wondering whether you could help us or give an idea.


You are likely all having issues with the file’s 0,0,0 points being different. You will need to apply a transform to the object geometry from a common base point.

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I had same issue with one of my works. Project points were corresponding and had exactly same coordinates. Problem is not about basepoints. I had to create a workaround with faces where edges and points were incorrect positions.

Hi @Berkay.Yildirim,

I feel like @JacobSmall. Because when you look at the picture you’re sharing, the problem is “0.0 point mismatch”.

Have you had the chance to test the same file in Revit versions such as 2018-2020?. I’m sure he’ll get the same result. So you can be sure that there is no version-related problem.

I would like to ask you to provide us with more information on this matter. (Dynamo chart, model sharing if necessary… etc)