Compare every index of list 1 with every index of list 2

Hi all,

how can I manage to compare every index of list1 with every index of list2?

List1 comes from selected elements, so it can be every amount of indices.

In my script it would be like:

list1[0] >= list2;
list1[1] >= list2;
list1[2] >= list2;
list1[3] >= list2;
list1[4] >= list2;
list1[5] >= list2;

I’m sure that there is a better way, but I don’t get it work.




Just adjust the lacing of the >= node…if you must use design script look into using replication guides (but frankly the lacing is easier for what it appears you need)

Keep it simple… :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot Ben.


Set lacing tot cross product (be carefull with that)