Check list at index 0 with other list at index 0

Hi there,

it might be a small thing but im trying to check a list (lets say) at index 0 with an other list at index 0 and the lacing as to be longest. :slight_smile: does it makes sense?:smiley:

please comment

You usually don’t need list levels and lacing (although sometimes you do), but your list levels definitely don’t make sense. You’re using @L3 for a @L2 list. Can you explain what you’re expecting? I think you just want @L1 for the y input to check each input individually against the list.

If you only need the indices, you seem to be complicating the graph unnecessarily.

However, if you need it that way for whatever reason, you could try something like this


Awesome guys thank you @Nick_Boyts and @Vikram_Subbaiah

Ive found a node called ifequalsreturnindecides. Ia thats name… it does exactly what vikram s doing…


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Will someone kindly explains to me what @Vikram_Subbaiah did in his “==” code block that makes this work? I assume that the <1> and <2> are references to levels and index but cannot completely wrap my head around it. Thank you very much!!

They are replication guides and I’ve tried to explain them here …

Thank you so much @Vikram_Subbaiah !!

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