Compare 2 dynamo scripts possible?

Is it possible to compare 2 scripts?

This is to check for changes in a script.
As example:

  • Extra nodes
  • Deleted nodes
  • Replaced nodes/ groups/ …

This way, one can quickly check the improvements in a script.

Thanks in advance.

The simplest solution is to just read the .dyn as .txt and run a setdifference in both directions. That should give you the adds and deletes. Then just parse the data however best fits your needs.


Great, do you mean with Notepad++ or something like that?

Thanks in advance

I was assuming you are looking for a definition to handle the compare. It would certainly give you freedom to manage things. Just read the .dyn as text like:

@201648rider I mean the following:
Script 1 = first version from the script (created by myself)
Script 2 = second version from the script (created by a third party)

I would like to quickly check what the changes have been between script 1 and script 2?

Is that possible?

I don’t think I’d use this method for two scripts created disparately, Thats not likely going to make any sense. There are far too many variables and methods for achieving the same thing. This method would be best suited for checking varying versions of the same definition.

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Great, do you know if it’s published somewhere?

Thanks in advance.

You would have to install from the github repo

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What do you mean with the github repo?

Thanks in advance.