Common item of 2 lists


if got 2 lists 1–> function and 2 --> material
in list 1 i have get all the walls where the funcion parameter is not 2 (foundation)
in list 2 i have get all the walls where the structural material is _beton - C30/37
in the == node i set lacing longest

how can i get the common item(s) of those list whitout knowing wich list has the most items to set the node Element.SetParameterByName.

thnxs Ed

Close up please? Too tiny to read

You can try filtering Name first and then material:

or what might be more applicable to your case compare the filtered elements:


Well looks like Vikram beat me to it but since I did something I will post it any way. Hope it helps.


Thnks to you all i got it working