Commands in DesignScript


When i start typing in a codeblock (Designscript) there are all kinds of suggestions in a dropdown list like so:

Is there a list of all available commands and arguments for Designscript in PDF somewhere??


Not that I am aware of, but you could browse the DynamoCore.dll and ProtoGeometry.dll in Visual Studio to see the entire library and methods in the intellisense drop-down:



In PythonScripts i see here on forum, I can see that libraies are loaded just like the one you mentioned here, “ProtoGeometry” for instance. Then you can call the methods that are in de .dll. Am i right?
Does that mean that i do not have access to those methods in designscript unless i load a .dll?
If yes is the answer, how do i load a .dll using designscript so i can call the methods?


You can load a .dll like this :

then the static methods in the library will be accessible in design script / nodes .



Ok thank you.

Are any of these .dll’s from de dynamo core folder imported on startup?


Yes. dlls of installed packages containing zero touch nodes as well


Sorry for the n00b questions, (im learning new things fast thanks to you guys) but i hope this will be a source of information later on for everybody who stumbles on this.
Is there a command that shows what .dll’s are loaded?


Not to my knoweledge… But I think there are people who’ll answer this question far better than me @Zach_Kron @Michael_Kirschner

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