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hey everyone

I have been using Dynamo for the past few weeks and i am starting to get into the code block,

I am trying to find an encyclopaedia/dictionary on all the commands within DesignScript/Dynamo language, i have done the Google search but struggled to find much, i have checked out the pdf on the learn page

thanks a lot in advance for your help


James, you can find it right here on this site: just go to Learn > PDF Tutorials > Dynamo Language Guide …

It’s not a dictionary but it covers all the basic concepts. Use the node browser inside Dynamo as your dictionary.

I was trying to find somewhat of a dictionary once too. Is this the one you looked at already?

I think what James wants is not about Dynamo but about DesignScript syntax manual. And there is a link that Zach posted somewhere here, but it doesn’t work.

I found another link here. I’m not sure it’s for current version.

DesignScript summary

Hope it helps.

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The most current version is the one on the Learning page. You may note that some things aren’t mentioned in this version, however, that you might find other places. This is purposeful since the up-to-date guide includes only the aspects of DesignScript that we fully support. Other features like imperative blocks, loops, and applying functions should eventually be part of the trumpeted abilities of code blocks, but these have to pass some additional hurdles before they make it into the official guide. Feel free to play, of course!

Glad to hear you like code blocks!