Combining Unknown Number Of Elements

How can i combine the elements in a nested sub-list considered that I don;t know what is the count of the elements of that sub-list at each time?
As in this image, I have the situation on the left and I would like to get the right image.
In this case there are 3 elements for each sublist but other times there could be 10… and so on.



List.Flatten + some list@level management :slightly_smiling_face:


Or you could use List.Transpose @L3

I dont really see where all these empty lists are for ?!


I am using this points to make NurbsSurface ByControlPoints.

L1 is for U direction
L2 for V direction
L3 for the list of all the NurbsSurfaces
L4 the main list.

I will try tomorrow and see which one work best.

I have to use chop after to keep the Surfaces list structure (L4 in the left Watch)

is there a way to only flatten the lists of one point in the left Watch while mantanining the rest of the list structure?

Might not be as straight forward then.

Is it possible for you to provide a sample file for testing?

adding List.Chop solves the problem.

My last question was just a curiosity for the future.

Unfortunately I can not share the files.

thanks anyway

@Askbid A couple more possibilities. Note that in addition to changing levels, Keep List Structure is also checked

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