How can I combine, to group two lists?

I need help.
In the picture you can see I want to achieve a state but can not find a solution.
I would like to ask for help.

(I apologize for my English)

OK, I just started Dynamo but I like this kind of stuff, so tried some things.

I think you have to add some count nodes in there to count the number of items in your lists to be able to slice your list into the right amount of pieces.

In the end you will end up with a number of strings you can combine to a list again with the List.Create node.

This might not be the best way to do it, but it works and might help you on your quest for the right code.

And what happens when you do 2 slices and combine in the end. Added a space between the 2 values as well.

Use the List.count to count the number of elements in each sublist (through a node) to then slice (“chop”) your other list

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A slight variation on the solution provided above by @GregX

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Think I misunderstood the question there and have done something else. Anyway, good way to try and learn stuff for me. Think the other guys answered your question right.

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Thanks for the help!
I was on the right track in seeking a solution but List.Chop and List.Map element connection was not good…

You Are Kings!
I’m thankful!

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