Optimize list combined

Hi all Dynamo heroes

I got an issue about list. Combined. What I want it do is, to combine the value from different list to one value.


List 0

[0] A


List 1

[0] A


Gets into

List 0

[0] AA



It works ok with two list´s but with more, it only shows “null”

I make an example here Intersection, where I have solved the issue by combined the list combined, after east odder.

Hope you can help me to optimize my scripts, so that it takes less processer power to run.

Thanks for your help.

Best regards Palle

Hi Palle,

In your graph you’re using “String.Insert”, which after specifying the index takes only 2 inputs.

“List.Combine” can’t map three lists to just two inputs. Have you considered using “String.Concat” instead?


Thanks Dimitar

That helped, the script are know mush faster.