Combining Lists to Excel Fields


I’m sure this is a fairly easy question but I am having a hard time with lists. I am trying to make an excel spreadsheet with 3 columns: revision name, date and sheet. The name and date lists are of equal lengths, but how do we duplicate the name/date indexes so that ‘Addendum 1’ is used multiple times in front of all the sheets with ‘addendum 1’. I think I need to use the ‘Lace Longest’ node, but I’m having a hard time sorting through this.

@anordstrom Try something like this:

Thanks! So, I was thinking about something like this but thought lacing would be a more robust solution. Was I not understanding the purpose of lacing?

@anordstrom It might be possible to achieve it through lacing. But I can’t think of a way to execute it.

a little trick

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