Combine two list to rename element

When I use Join.list, the result is incorrect.How can I group this two list together to rename element?


It’s easier for users to help if you post the screenshot with previews visible, so we can see what the output of every node is, also a desired result would be helpful in this case

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You are right, I will repost my screen capture.

I want to rename the wall, when width<=30 , then “AAA”, else “BBB”.

Hi @sb1102222 ,

We need to see the outputs of the nodes, pin the output under the nodes or use a watch by the node.

@sb1102222 like this?

Thanks for your remind.

The result is incorrect now.

What I want is:
Before After
Wall 1mm A-1mm

But now is :
Wall 1mm A-85mm

When I combine two list, the result is sequential order which is not match to element list.

There are some errors.

What does the error say?

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@sb1102222 You are getting types from elements, so ending up with the same type multiples times.

you need to get Types of Category, or list the unique types before you get the width parameter value.

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It works! thank you.

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