Combine Sublist

Hi everyone,
I try to create a new list from existing lists.
I read parameters from elements and parameters from rooms in my link model.

I want to create a list like that for each element.

Family type element, flow element,System name, room name and room volume.
I don’t see how to combine my result !

I don’t understand which list is the one you hope to end up with, can you illustrate maybe using paint or something like that?

Here 's another try.

@Pierre_mplus you could use List.Insert with levels. Although it might require some use of flatten to get the desired output.

Alternatively, you could do some python coding to make the graph more compact.
Tried to create a small example, is it something like this what you’re looking for?

I tried insert, but i didn’t find the solution.
Here’s the example with simple lists.
My two lists has the same number of elements.
i want to add each element in each sublist and respect indices.

Hi Pierre,

With Create, Transpose and Flatten, you can combine your 3 lists into a new one.

I’m not sure that yours rooms and yours air flows will match in your first post.
Take the parameters values of the airs flows from the node Elements in Room.

You can also try AddItemToEnd and Flatten your sublists.

I used AdditemToEnd and Flatten, but i don’t have the good result. I work with two lists and each list doesn’t have the same rank.

It’s usually best to have your list structure match.

I know, but the result given by Elements in Room from Archi-lab is a list of list of elements by room.

Then you need to make your second list match the first.

It’s perfect.
Thanks a lot:grinning: