Issue with Excel.WritetoFile

I am trying to export the list of Parameters and would like to build a excel file out of it.
I am using the Clockwork node Document.ProjectParameters

I can export the names of all the Parameters
And also the list of which categories each parameter is applied to.

But how do I combine the two? I fail here.

Ideally I would like to have a excel which lists: of the parameter
2.which category/Categories its applied to
3.If its a type/instance parameter
4.if its a shared parameter or otherwise

Thankyou for your interest.

You can add the parameter name to the list of its categories using the List.AddItemToFront node. After transposing, each parameter name becomes the header for each column and all rows below the header are the categories to which the project parameters apply. See below:


export parameters.dyn (20.5 KB)

Yeah. Thanks, Transpose was the key.
But I guess there is still an issue with the excel export.

The transpose doesnt seem to be working well.

If you notice in the screenshot, Parameter 0 is applied to two Categories 0 and 1
In my excel export the parameter names are orderly one below the other but the Categories are haywired.

You should use levels in the List.AddItemToFront node–item @L1 and list @L2. This will ensure that the items are being added to the correct lists. The first list should be [000_000_150_Fachbereich, Plane, Ansichten] if you use the correct levels.

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Perfect. That worked like a charm. Thanks