Adding sublist elements into another sublist

Hi everybody,

I have a problem moving an item from a sublist to another. I tried to use list join, list map, but I have no idea what node should I use to connect elements from 1 sublist of the first list with elements 1sublist of the second list, 2 sublist of the first list with 2sublist of the second list etc.
Please help me or just give me some advise. I just started my adventure with dynamo, but I hope it’ll be one of best challange :wink:

Thanks in advance for help.


You can use a List.Transpose and a Flatten at level 3.


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Thank you very much. I tried to transpose those lists, but after that I didn’t use flatten command.

Thanks. It works!

Hi Wojciech,

I think you could simplify this definition significantly by using the core node “String.PadLeft”.
Although it seems like it was worth doing it the hard way just to practice your list manipulation skills!