Combine Revit Sheets when Exporting to CAD

I have a set of 40 sheets in revit which I would like to export into a single .dwg and not 40 individual .dwg like the default settings. I also cannot put all the views in the same revit sheets as that would not allow proper printing.

The file revit.jpg shows the present sheet arrangement in revit while cad.jpg shows how I wish to obtain it in CAD.jpg. Thanx in advance.

Not sure this is something that is easily doable so you’re likely going to have to learn some Revit and/or AutoCAD api to get this done. Note how the items are arranged in model view. Pasting more in will lead to overlaps peoducing overlapping data (view A and B having their annotations on at the same time).

Perhaps a better route would be to use a batch plot function and plot all the sheets across the 40 drawings at once?

Also, why are you stepping back to AutoCAD? This feels like a curious decision as you can’t step back into Revit.

I need a one way export to CAD in order to coordinate with consultants not on revit. …the final print will be released from revit only. Any idea how to approach it. Which will be better a revit api or a autocad lisp routine?

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That still doesn’t explain why you’re looking for a single .dwg file from all the many you’ll produce. I can’t say I have run into that in about 10 years of Revit work. If a consultant choose to do the work in AutoCAD, then they have to coordinate the massive amount of CAD files I’d send over, and the resulting changes as my design developed.

One option might be to combine them all into a single dwg as many xrefs, moving them by the bounding box extents of the drawing, and then binding the xrefs as blocks. But to be honest I’d say that is their problem to coordinate, not mine.