Columns - get geometry, face, vertices

Hello Dynamo Community!

I want to get the outline or points of a Column in a section view.

I need that to place tags, detail elements, elevation marks and maybe for dimensioning.

I don`t really know how to start, just a little first try:

Only thing i can get to work is getting the centroid point:

Would be happy about some advice :slight_smile:


Kind regards!

As the node error is explaining, it’s expecting a face as an input, but you’re giving it a solid. You could use the Topology.Faces to get the faces of the geometry, then feed that into your Face.Edges node.

There’s also a Topology.Edges node which will give you the unique edges of your overall geometry rather than the edges of each individual face, avoiding duplication if 2 faces share an edge. Depends what output you’re after.

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Thank you very much for the help and the explanation :slight_smile: