Column Schedule in Revit

Hi All. I am new to this group and this is my first post.
In our organization we create structural column schedule as per the column groups.
Is it possible to create schedule from dynamo where we list all the columns under one group in one cell.
column number cell should read as C-01, C-02, etc.

Attaching few images for reference.

Hi @patshai

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To create column schedule you need to access Revit API

And for sorting you can use @Konrad_K_Sobon archi-lab package node called “Schedule.SortingGrouping”

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if you want understand how list management works you can try to have a look at this. I will reccoment to follow the @Kulkul advise, it is probably the best solution for your problem GroupColumns.dyn (19.9 KB)

Thank You @Alberto_Tono & @Kulkul for help.
I am trying to understand the node from Archi-lab.
I will comeback to you with my feedback.

Hi everybody. Thanks @Kulkul & @Alberto_Tono. I could achive it with node from Archi_Lab.
Attaching image for reference.

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