Colouring equipment in Revit

I’m using Dynamo to create a list of equipment that is in excel but not in Revit, and in Revit but not excel. I’m wondering if there’s a way to colour in the equipment in Revit, so it’s easier to visualize what hasn’t been done. At the moment I’m outputting a list of equipment that is yet to be named in Revit, however this list is just a string.

In the picture below, is there a way to get all items at indexes with an empty string, and then somehow colour these pieces of equipment?

So I’d want to get item at index 7, and then colour in equipment with ID of 1167203

Sure. Find the index of the item in the list and use Get Item at Index. Or find a way to get a list of true/false (IsEmpty should work) and use Filter by BoolMask.

@Greg_McDowell the “IsEmpty” only returns if the whole list is empty, and I don’t want to manually type in index 7 for “GetItemAtIndex”. Even if I could check for a specific index if it’s empty, it still contains {} in the string

You can have it look at the next level down. Click the “>” next to the input and choose @2 - should be enough.

@Greg_McDowell didn’t know about that trick. However at index 7 it still contains {}, so it’s not empty. And if I convert it all to a string and remove {} from it, then it gets rid of the indexes

Okay - It’s a string. How about looking to see if the string equals “”? Several ways to approach this.

@Greg_McDowell yeah just put in == and a string block of nothing. But I’m still not sure how to get all elements at index with a value of true, and then apply the colour to them

Something like this;

Instead of feeding the BoolMask filter with a list of strings, feed it the list of Revit elements and do what you need from there.