Is It Possible to Filter Certain Elements Out of a List of Values?

Hi all, I would like to get all of the “Mark” values for everything in the “Mechanical Equipment” category. After this, I would like to correspond the “Mark” value to an excel block and fill out all remaining information with the corresponding excel values.

So far this uses a generic revit family (also attached).
Book1.xlsx (8.5 KB)
VAV Schedule.dyn (58.7 KB)

This is a tough one to explain, but I’ve attached the excel and dynamo files so you can better understand what I mean.

Thanks for your helpDuct Terminal Unit - Parametric.rfa|attachment (376 KB)

Hi robertsb2010
Please find the attached Image,
Hope you are looking for the same.

I couldn’t upload more than one file as of now.

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Something like this?