Colored Dynamo model import into REVIT

Hi all,

I am fairly new to Dynamo and was wondering how could I possibly import the colored model that I generated in Dynamo into REVIT as can be seen below. The import instance also runs with errors.

Thank you!

You have to convert your dynamo colours into Revit colours then apply them in Revit to the parameter that will colour the element.

You could also look into the analysis display tools in Revit as a means of coloring something based on a condition; however this is a MUCH bigger lift.


Forgot to mention, the writing displayed in dynamo is also not visible in the revit model. Advice on that as well please!

Create a Revit annotation.

Dynamo display is temporary in nature; everything you want to move into Revit (text, geometry, colors, etc.) needs to have a Revit element created for it.

thank you for the info!

Any examples on how I could possibly do that, as I am confused as to how that is done. Thank you!

How would you manually add them in Revit? Text notes perhaps?

In the library expand the revit section, then the elements section, and look for text notes. Select a node which is a constructor (green + or green line form a green + next to the node) from that section and place it accordingly.

You could also look at adding the number to the elements as a parameter.

text notes.

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Using an annotation element will result in the text only being visible in a single view.
You could, instead, try making a model text element using the “ModelText.BySketchPlaneAndPosition” node.

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1 - Extract the ARGB values for your color variations.
2 - Create a new Material for each of the color variations. (Examples on the forum to do this)
3 - Create Directshape’s by using the geometry and assign your new materials to each per its variation.

Then you have baked elements, with baked colors :wink:

As for the text, yes, ModelText would be the best option here for universal visibility.


Hi Sorry! i got busy but I tried again and failed due to this error! Please help!

Error: Model text elements can only be created in a family document.

Open a family document and run it again.

Sorry did not get what you mean by opening a family and running it again. Thanks!

We already have a family loaded into the project, just was wondering what node I should be attaching to the model text type. Thanks!

Hover over the ModelText.ByTextSketchPlaneAndPosition and read the description carefully.