Color Override on panel facade

Hi everyone,

I’m looking for a way to color panel facade depending on their positions.
I read some tutorials on override color…

Before any formula or condition, I can’t seem to get the override working.
(Please see below the pic)

When I connect “Element.Geometry” to “Element.overrideColorInView” there an error (about geometry doesn’t accept _array.color)
When I connect “Elements” to “Element.override…” the node doesn’t feedback any error but nothing is happening…

What am I missing ? the way to override or the elements I want to override ?
Thing is my facade is :
one mass with divided surface with U/V parameter.
one adaptative componment that embedded one “little panel”
This override aims to color the little panel.

One further question will be if I want to override depending on conditions like position in the wall…will it be easier to do it with gradient ? like having the gradient for the whole facade)

Any thought on that ? Thanks


Instead of element geometry, tie the element directly into the override.

Thanks John, but that’s what I did by connecting “All Elements of Family Type” to the “Override” node but nothing happens (section, plan view or 3D whatsoever)
Can’t figure what’s the problem.

In the meantime I tried another node with Image Pixels for the gradient and I managed to do some override.
But I get “one whole picture” on one panel…I need the whole gradient on all panels considering them like “one wall” - you know like what you see of the picture/gradient is only when there’s a panel here.
Don’t know if it’s even possible…? :slight_smile: