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I have tried browsing through the forum and haven’t seen a solution for this question.

Is it possible to set Color User Inputs via Dynamo Player???

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I wrote a simple script that finds model in-place elements of a selected category and highlights them a certain color. To implement this across the office I have tested it in Dynamo Player. The issue i run into is how to set Color Inputs via Dynamo Player.

I think it can possibly be achieved with the input function shown in the above image? I can’t seem to figure out how to format the input numbers.

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The input for a color is the 4 values.

Rhythm also has a ColorPicker node that you can probably use with player to allow the user to pick a color rather than define it by its values.

If you’re using Revit 2017 (maybe 2018 too that is unclear) and the datashapes package there is a node for this. See the documentation here: