Color code fire insulation based on number of sides?


I’m working on a project where we have modeled fire insulation as separate wall types around the main steel columns in Revit.

The contractor want a color coded isonometric of the fire insulation based on wether the fire insulation it is covering 2, 3 or 4 sides of the steel columns.


Is it possible to color code a wall instances of a spesific wall type in revit based on if it cosists of 2, 3 or 4 wall segments in Dynamo?

I think you could select all of the columns with Categories->All element of categories,
then get their location (element.location),
draw 4 lines (+x -x +y -y) from a starting point on this location with a fixed length (to “reach out” for the wall),
do some magic with goemetry.does intersect or geometry.intersect (nodes that you should google to find more posts like this one:,
then count the sublists,
write this number to a wall custom parameter
and finally use this parameter to create custom filters to color code your walls.

Another interesting way could be to select all fire rating walls and group them by their location and count the sublists, but you should approximate these points with a certain tollerance and I have not yet tried it.

Here is the solution we figured out yesterday. Grouping the connected walls and counting the groups. Writing that to a parameter and we can use filters in Revit to colorize them.

Walls.GroupConnected.dyn (11.2 KB)

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