Collector.ElementsOfCategoryInDocument with Rooms

Can anyone tell me why the “Collector.ElementsOfCategoryInDocument” node from Rhythm only reports the number of Rooms in a linked ARCH model and not the associated Room Names and Numbers?

I have tried changing the Lacing, but that does nothing. It just creates one list of count only.

The number in the green box are the element id’s not the room numbers

I know that, I am asking why the Room Names and Room Numbers don’t also show up? I would think this node would also pull the Room Properties.

On another note, sometimes this info won’t even come through when trying to create Spaces directly from the Analyze tab. I am trying to isolate what I believe is a problem in the Linked ARCH model setup.


is your link set to be room bounding?

This node is doing is exactly what it is designed to do. It give you the “room” element. From there you will need to use the Element.GetParameterByName or something similar to pull whatever values you need from it. These parameters are not delivered automatically when you pull elements from the model. Someone may have a node that is for room properties, but Rhythms node isn’t going to do that directly.