Collector.ElementsInView running through multiple documents opened in the background

Hi everyone,

I’m working on a file where I’m looking to evaluate multiple files at once, I have been able to gather files from a directory and gather information such as view names, Sheet names… What I am having issues with is getting down a little deeper into the data which I am trying to use the Spring node Springs.Collector.ElementsInView. So far I haven’t been able to get any results that aren’t null when pulling from the directory. I’m using the Document.BackgroundOpen node to get the files, and can input a single view from one of those files or multiple with no success. I have tested to make sure that the node works on the open file. I have also tried on multiple categories and multiple views.

Any thoughts?



That node is not looking at the Background documents but rather the open file. You will need to find a package or Python code to get you Elements/views of other documents.

Thanks for the quick response, I’ll try to get some time on it today or tomorrow w/ what you suggested and report back!

This does it