Collect Element in view vs All elements in Active View

Running into an issue. actually a couple of issues. using two different methods to get a list of elements out of A view I get 2 different results

Option 1 Using All Elements in active view I get 655 elements in a default list

Option 2 Using Views and Collect.Elementsin View I get 675 elements and a 0 list

See image for one difference. (Element 0)

What I am trying to do is using Option 2 and get a default list not a 0 list

Thanks in advance

test.dyn (4.8 KB)

use flatten after collect.elementsinview?

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Still don’t know why there is a different number but that doesn’t matter flatten did the trick!!!

now for the next trick how to find the differences. (this works fine but my OCD is kicking in and want to know why lol)

basicly spring collect.elementsinview returns ALL elements in view (also elevation markers, grids, etc)

while “All Elements in Active View” returns a trimmed list, feels like “elements you can create” but ‘grids’ for example are excluded from this node, which is strange.


Hi Guys,

Quick thing, which package is this node “/w collect.elementsinview” from?


Spring nodes.

hey mate, feels like this situation where you’re extracting elements from a view can be quite inaccurate sometimes. It does mean that you need to have quite the QA/QC for this to work. Maybe it would be a better option to extract data from the CD phase instead?

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