Collecting all types for certain families - not updating

I have a script that collects all the types for a certain set of families. The problem is, it doesn’t seem to pick up new families that are added.

I can run this script on opening Dynamo and it’ll pick everything up. If I add a type and then run the script again, the new type isn’t found.

Any tips?
(Also, I’m sure this can be done without repeating all that code in the middle. I’d appreciate a suggestion to clean that up. Thanks!)


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I think you need to rerun the entire graph/ dynamo completely to get those updates through, maybe you could utilize the Dynamo Player for that purpose, then the entire graph will open, run and then close automatically. (Just open the script in the dynamo player and run it without any inputs)

And for the repeating stuff in the middle, i think you can just use the Code Block to create a list in this way:
[“First Index”,“Second Index”, etc. ];
Then you dont need those repeating parts/ the list join at the end

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Ah. I was afraid that was going to be the case.

I run these out of Dyno, so maybe it’ll work there.

Not really following where you’re going with the [“First Index”,“Second Index”, etc. ];
Sorry, I know just enough about Dynamo to be dangerous. :smiley:
How can I reuse the part in the gray box for each of the 5 family names and have one list on the other side?

Put the family names in a list first instead of after you’ve collected the types.

If you want to update the graph while you’re working in it you can just disconnect the node and the reconnect (with a Run in between if you’re running in Manual). Nodes only update if their inputs have changed since the last run. The Family input for Family Types hasn’t changed so it doesn’t “re-search” for new Types. Disconnect the input anywhere before that node and rerun the graph.


Okay. So it works fine using Dyno, as expected. That’s the typical usage for this script, so that’s great.

Also put the family names in a list first and reduced the reused code.