Input reading problems

The family type node does not read the incoming information.

How can this problem be solved?

You don’t have family type as input. Check the out[0]. What do you get from there?

As input I have the number of rooms.
I’m following a script where the node was replacing the Familytype.Name node. Because it is not present on my version of Dynamo.

Produce please more informations. What is your goal? What is that Python Node?
You can’t get any result if you have rooms as input because you need FamilyType as input.

My goal is to check the relationship between the surface of the rooms and the surface of the windows.
For more compression I share the complete screen of my work.

The Python script is used to eliminate the null area of ​​the premises.

I’m sorry, I realized now that the names are missing at the nodes

Show please out[0] with a watch node

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Is the error in the Python script?

Hello @filippo.maria.aquino …could you please share your graph

The node FamilyType.Name need as input a Revit.Element.FamilyType

You give him an empty list. What does the Python code do?

yes, you are getting empty lists from python…

Yes Jan…i had the same question :wink:

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Sorry didn’t see :sweat_smile:

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I copied this script from a site which is supposed to eliminate null areas of the locals.

Thanks, can you share the .dyn file?

It tells me that as a new user I cannot upload allegations.
Can i share it some other way?

Yes, you can use and give us the link

I have 2 questions:

  • What does this node give you as value?

  • Do you know what the python does and what he need to do?
    My knowledge in python is not good enough unfortunately, maybe do it an other way?

  1. It is used to associate the windows it contains with each room.

  2. On the site from where I got it it says that it serves to eliminate the null areas of the rooms.