Collect list data

Hello everyone

İ try to giving new name to the circuit on my project.
i create bool list but i can’t match with my name format
Could you help me?

_circuit namedyn.dyn (53.7 KB) dynamo versin 2.2
SAMPLE-DATA (2).rvt (2.2 MB) revit version 2019

Hi, can you take a quick screenshot of your script? I’m not near my computer right now…

the codeblock with something[0] + "," + ... + something[n]; isn’t a code. It looks like you want to use a String.Concat node though.

Yes i want to do them. İ try concat but every sublist has a diffrent length so i wan to do it with automate

Perhaps you can use String.Join

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Thank u also i can’t do bool list and room list match. Could u help too?
i try to List.AllIndicesOf for true but didnt work.

I tried this :slight_smile:

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