Code blocks

can anyone help with why this doesn’t work

I’m trying to to automatically create 6 lists with 103 (0-102)items in each list.

The code block shown at the bottom works but I don’t seem to be able to get it to work in a similar format on the right hand side.

Any help would be appreciated.

If managed to resolve part of it

but I’m struggling with the second part of it now.

It creates the 6 lists with 103 items but also creates lists 7 to 103 with null value.

A list clean removes the null values but there has to be a way of doing it by just using the code block surely .


I have the feeling you are trying to recreate this list (which obvisouly, you already have) :

Mellouze you’re right all I was doing was recreating the list, I thought I was trying to achieve something else when in fact it’s totally pointless.

not thinking clearly at all

Solved thanks

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Glad I helped :slight_smile:

(Happened to me too at some point :stuck_out_tongue: )