Create alignment for cogo point

could someone tell me if it is possible for me to create an alignment or polyline through a group of points?

follow dwg file
sl.dwg (1.2 MB)

Hi Igor,
It is possible to create an alignment or polyline from a group of points. you can do that directly in Civil 3D using the Polyline command and the point number transparent command 'PN when prompted for the first point. check this link for more details.
However, if you need to do this using Dynamo, a sample script below will create a polyline from a group of cogo points.

CogoPointsToPolyline.dyn (5.2 MB)


Hi Igor,

Further to @Assem.Daaboul post above, you could also continue from the Polyline.ByPoints node in dynamo and create an alignment from polyline in the same dynamo script.

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If the points are not arranged by number
It needs to be arranged according to the y-axis